Community building through Charity, Faith, Hope and Love!

We are here for you!

As a socially responsible, service provider, we endeavor to reach out to as many as we can serve. To do this, we take great strides to make sure our staff are well-trained and provide help through meaningful activities that will improve the quality of lives of those who are in need and empower them to better themselves. We encourage those who also want to offer social services, and we are also open to working with people who will like to help in ways beyond physical volunteering.

Weekly Prayer Calls

“Growing up in a household where my Father is a preacher, I felt as if I never had a choice but to attend Church services. When I became a teenager is when I developed a personal relationship with God. It was then that I realized that Faith isn’t found inside of the building, but in the quiet times.”

Tristan Kabesa, Founder.

Living in a world full of uncertainties, experiencing the changes of the current century, we’d like to share with you the one thing that remains the same; God’s love for his children! Join us every Saturday afternoon, from the location of your choice.

Community Clean Up

Community building being one of our major focus, on June 26th of the year 2020, we decided to formally adopt part of the Forrest Hills Trail! Alongside a great group of volunteers, and tools provided by the Charlottesville Parks & Rec, we’ve made it a weekly hangout spot. Meet us on Fridays at 1:30PM to keep our trails looking spiffy!

Food & Clothing Drives