Welcome to Come As You Are Cville

Empowering The Homeless/Less Fortunate Population

Charlottesville, Virginia

Come As You Are Cville is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization geared towards serving the homeless and less fortunate by incorporating them into group activities, supporting them with prayers, fellowshipping with a meal, and providing disaster relief.Our core principle is to ensure, to the best of our ability, that no one winds up overlooked and in need of help.

Thank you for what you’re doing for us. You’re a breath of fresh air when we felt helpless.

M. P.


At Come As You Are Cville, we have adopted community, compassion, dignity, and equality as our core values. Each day this is displayed in extraordinary measure through the unified effort of our staff, volunteers, and supporters.

Located in Charlottesville, Virginia,  Come As You Are Cville has been serving people throughout the area since 2018 and seeks to provide access to resources that empower people experiencing homelessness to progress on the road toward economic and personal stability.


Giving online has never been more secure, convenient or hassle-free with our one-click donation. We also do accept standard cash and check donations at all of our locations.


Our awesome team of Designers work around the clock to bring you eye catching Merchandise to encourage your support. 100% of the proceeds are going towards helping the Organization better serve our community.


As a socially responsible service provider, we endeavor to reach out to as many people as we can serve. To do this, we take great strides to make sure our staff are well-trained and provide help through meaningful activities that will improve the quality of lives of those who are in need and empower them to better themselves. We encourage volunteering for those who also want to offer social services, and we are also open to working with people who will like to help in ways beyond physical volunteering.


Asking for prayer on behalf of others is a selfless act. In fact, it often reveals a sympathetic heart who is thinking of other people’s needs before their own. There is great power in praying for the people God has placed in our circles of influence, and so we should, with great faith that God hears us.  

This documentary features the nonprofit organization Come As You Are Cville’s Founder/Executive Director, who steps out in the Charlottesville community to raise awareness of the City’s homelessness issues. Interviews from gentlemen currently experiencing the struggles of being out in the streets and cry out for help! Grab some tissues, and become part of the change!!

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