Free Summer Day Camp!

Summer Day Program – Parent Letter
Summer is here, and we are anxious to get to know your child and provide a safe and fun atmosphere. We would like to welcome you to our Kid’s Free Summer Day Program and provide you with some information that will help make this program a success. If there is an issue and you need to get a hold of someone right away, please call/text us at 434-825-9100.

DROP OFF: Please drop off your child at the front entrance of the Forest Hills Park located on 1022 Forest Hills Avenue. After 9:00am, organized activities start and the program may be outside, in the park, somewhere. If that is the case, a sign will be posted outside on the door letting you know to look for the group outside (near the playground). The Summer Program staff will be there to meet you and your child and check them in. All children must be signed in by a parent/guardian. Please notify the staff at this time if somebody different will be picking up your child.

Morning Drop Off: No earlier than 8:30 AM

PICK UP: Please pick up your child at the same place you dropped them off, unless there is a sign letting you know that they are outside playing. If you pick your child up before end time, a sign will be posted with their location. Children have to be signed out by parent/guardian/designated person each day. The program’s staff will be available at all times. Please do not drop off, or pick up your child without letting a staff member know first!

Afternoon Pick Up: No later than 2:30 PM.

DAILY ITEMS TO BRING: Sunscreen, hand towel. We will provide free breakfast, lunch, and have an endless supply of drinking water.

ITEMS NOT ALLOWED: Please leave money, electronic devices and toys at home. We will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.

OPENING DAY: At the beginning of the day, there will be an outline of the week’s activities. Our staff/volunteers will introduce themselves and go over any basic ground rules.

RAINY DAYS: Our program will be cancelled due to rain.

SPECIAL NEEDS: If there are any special considerations that you feel we need to be aware of regarding your child (medications, allergies, behavioral problems, illnesses, etc.), please let our staff/volunteers know.

GROUND RULES: It is our goal to ensure that each child has an enjoyable and fulfilling experience as a participant in our program. We will always emphasize positive ways to deal with difficult situations.
Children must stay with their designated program leader. They must ask permission to use the restroom, join other activities, early departure, etc. This is to ensure the safety of the children.
Everyone is here to have fun! Bullying, dangerous play and violence will not be tolerated. Our policies on discipline include verbal warnings, one-on-one discussions, time outs, and possible removal from the program.


Please download the forms below, and email them once completed to:

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